The open Alpha test is back up - Join now!

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The open Alpha test is back up - Join now!

Post by Fint on Fri Nov 28, 2008 6:39 pm

Dear dear citrine fans, boy do I have some good news!

Today I've finished fixing the last things on my list and the server is back up.
My host computer is acting up again so I'm currently hosting on my own PC
Might have to take the server down sometime and switch servers but that should not take very long.

I invite you all to come and join the server and help me test this version.
Please keep the bug report comming, except reports about the daycare (still on fixing that one).

Be kind, and feel free to discuss anything on the forum.
If you guys manage to start some kind of tournament let me know, I might beable to provide a price.

Have fun and find those bugs!

- Fint albino

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