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Post by Fint on Tue Apr 14, 2009 12:44 am

There are many Pokemon Breeders in this world.
Some breed Pokemon for fun, others try to breed very talented or special Pokemon.
In this guide we cover the basic information regarding breeding.
So keep reading and find out more about Pokemon Breeding!

1. What is needed?
The first thing you need to know is that Pokemon will only breed when they are at the daycare center
There are many of these centers all over the world, ask fellow trained if you don't know were to find them.
Even if you put two Pokemon in the daycare this does not meen they will breed, there are 2 questions you need to ask.

- Are the two Pokemon male and female, or is one of the Pokemon Ditto?

- Do the two Pokemon share a Egg Group?

If the the answer to both questions is "Yes" then it's likely the two Pokemon can breed.
There are some exceptions in the world of Pokemon, the best way to find out if two Pokemon can breed is to try.

2. The breeding
Once you have left your Pokemon at the daycare for a while you should go and check on them.
Talk to the person who's in charge of the daycare and ask about your Pokemon.
This person has been taking care of your Pokemon and also knows if they like eachother or not.
If this person says something like "The two prefer to play with other Pokemon than each other" then these two Pokemon will never breed.
Otherwise the two seem to like eachother and might breed in the future

3. Speed of breeding
The time it takes for two Pokemon to breed depends on how much they like each other.
This has been studied years ago with basically the following results.

- Pokemon who are caught and trained by the same trainer are a bit less likely to breed
- Pokemon who are the same species are more likely to breed

This said, if you want to breed one of your Pokemon it's best you try and breed it with a Pokemon who was caught by a differend person and one that is the same species are your Pokemon.
This does not meen Pokemon with differend species caught by the same trainer can not breed, it meens they just take a bit longer to breed.

4. We got an egg!
Once Pokemon breed you can pickup the egg at the daycare, so make sure you check now and then!
This egg should be kept warm in your bag at all times.
After a while the Pokemon inside the egg will hatch, the time it takes for it to hatch is differend for each Pokemon
Give it time and be pacient!

5. What comes out of it?
Which Pokemon is inside the egg? Something that has only recently been uncovered!
The Pokemon will be the same type as the Mother.
If one of the parents is Ditto the baby will be of the non-Ditto type.

6. Attacks?
Yes the baby Pokemon will have certain attacks
Research showed that even some attacks from the parents get passed on to the baby.
So far we were only able to prove that if a baby would learn a certain attack naturally and both his parents have that attack then the baby will be born knowing this attack
Also if a baby is able to learn a move by TM and the father knows this move the baby will know this move when born
There are more ways in which moves gets passed on but these have not yet been researched

7. Talent
As you might know some Pokemon are more talented in certain things than others.
Breeding seems to have NO effect on this what so ever
Breeding with a shiny Pokemon also does not increase the chance a baby Pokemon is born shiny.

8. The End
This covers the most basic information you need to know about breeding
Breeding is a perfect way to grab hold of very talented Pokemon
It's also a way to give Pokemon certain attacks it would normally not learn, only very experienced Pokemon breeders understand this concept.
Once more information has been uncovered a new book will be released!

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