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Traveling - Kanto region

Post by Fint on Tue Apr 14, 2009 12:47 am

The Kanto region is a large area located east of Johto and north of Hoenn.
It consists of basically 3 islands and is a great place for young Pokemon Trainers to start.
The region holds many surprices, this is a traveling guide for those who which to beat all the Kanto GYM leaders.

1. What is needed?
Because the Kanto region is dangerous, for especially new trainers, the routes are guarded.
In some cases travelers might have to prove they will be safe by showing you have defeated a certain GYM leader.
Luckaly most travelers have plenty of time to train, get their Pokemon up to strength, and are often strong enough.
Besides the right set of badges most travelers prefer to take some supplies with them, some Potions and Pokeballs are often found in their bags.
Check the local Mart for supplies, if you do not have the money to buy any supplies see if you can get some money by defeating one of many trainers.

2. First steps, Pewter
The first Kanto GYM is located in Pewter City, people travaling from Newbark Town can reach it by taking route 101.
This route will not be very dangerous and offers a great place to spend your first couple of days.
If you are interested in finding some differend types of Pokemon route 105 is a great place to start
This route is located to the north of pewter, it will take you to the old Pewter mines where some nice Pokemon can be found
People who like to fish should realy visit route 104, fishing rods can be bought at the local Mart
Pewter can also be reached by going south west from Cerulean, following route 109

3. Cerulean
Cerulean is home of the second Kanto GYM
It can be directly reach from both Pewter City aswell as Vermilion
People traveling from Pewter exit the City and head south untill they reach the coast, once at the coast they should head east and follow route 109
Cerualean is just a bit north of the end of this route
Trvelers from Vermilion will have to travel south and take the cost road just next to Mt Moon.

4. Vermilion
Reaching Vermilion can be tricky when traveling from Cerualean because of Mt Moon.
The coast road is closed for people who have not beaten the Vermilion City GYM leader.
Climbing Mt Moon is not possible. To get past it, travelers need to travel through the caves, route 112.
There is alot of Team Rocket activity in these caves which makes them really dangerous!
A small Pokecenter was created at the exit of Mt Moon for people to recover
Vermilion city can also be reached from Viridian City by traveling east, route 136.
If you which to reach this city and you are on Cinnabar island you best surf west untill you reach the coast.
Vermilion is a very busy city, offering many interesting places to visit.
It serves as a popular sea port for ships such as the S.S. Anne.
The people in the town are careful about pollution, as they are afraid of an infestation of Grimer could occur if the seas were ever polluted.

5. Celadon
Celadon is located to the south east of Cerulean.
Once in Cerulean, take the south exit and head south east from there following route 117
Celadon was once easily accesable but ever since the mysterious attack the main road was blocked and people are forced trough the forest.
Travelers will find many bird trainers here.
Celadon City itself is quite small, and quiet, travelers who wish to relax are often found here.

6. Fuchsia
Fuchsia is one of the harder cities to reach.
Travelers who have never been there will need to take the boat from Vermilion and follow route 124 to the Refuge
Because the trip to Fuchsia takes so long this refuge was build so people could rest and recover
When at the refuge travelers can follow route 125 to finally reach Fuchsia.
Route 125 has proven to be a popular fishing spot for many Pokemon trainers.
Travelers who have been at Fuchsia before can also reach it by walking west from Saffron city,

7. Saffron
Saffron can be reached in two ways, by land it can only be reached by traveling from Fuchsia city
You are adviced to take the east exit and follow route 128
Although the distance is not that long it might take some time because of many trainers.
People who wish to reach Saffron and are located at Cinnabar Island will have to surf north, route 132.
In addition to Sabrina's Gym, there is also a secondary "GYM", the Fighting Dojo, which has Fighting-types.

8. Viridian
The final location would be Viridian City.
This city can easily be reached by going west when in Vermilion
Route 136 will take you trough Viridian Forrest all the way to the city.

9. Tips
Each town has a landmark which can be used to speed up traveling.
Pokemon who learn how to fly can use them to quickly reach a destination.
However you will always have to reach a landmark by foot before you can fly there.
Make sure you visit all these landmarks even if you do not have any Pokemon who know how to fly.
Next to this its to be adviced not to be hasty
It's best to take your time and get to know an area before moving on to the next one.

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