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PvP one-ó-one

Post by Fint on Tue Apr 14, 2009 12:51 pm

1. Intro
Many people decide to battle each other in the Pokemon Universe. To either train their skills or to prove themselves against others. Whatever the reason is behind the battles officials have introduced the so called “PvP Level”.

2. What is it used for?
The PvP Level is used to indicate someone’s relative strength. Basically someone with a higher level should be harder to beat than someone who has a lower level than yourself. As a result reaching level 100 would meen you are one of the hardest trainers to beat, however this level is very hard to reach!

3. How do I gain PvP Level?
There are a lot of misconceptions regarding this so to clarify it all this is how it works. When a battle between two players ends a check is preformed. If the winner is a lot stronger than the loser this battle is not counted, since it’s considered obvious this person would win. So no gain in PvP Level is given to either. However if a weak person beats a very strong person the strong person will see a large loss in level and the weak person will see a large gain in level. Every battle is set to these limits. So it’s generally not so useful to battle anyone who is much weaker since the gain will be small, or nonexistent. If you wish to gain level, make sure you battle people who are equal to your level or a tiny bit stronger/weaker than you. You will of course have to win! However, one this is very important! The actually level is only updated after 6 fights. After these 6 fights a new level is calculated and your current level will be updated, keep this in mind! Updates of PvP Level will not take place after each fight!

4. So what’s in it for me?
A higher PvP Level is not only a bragging right. It also gives access to some special areas. Anyone who has a level of 80 or more can, for example, enter the building on the east side of vermilion. Rumor has it there are many more places which will need a high level to be able to access. An no one knows what can be found at these special places. In the future special PvP Level restricted leagues will be held.

5. Any downsides as well?
Everything positive has to come with something negative huh? Well yes…
He down side is that PvP Levels decays, meaning that if you do not battle on a regular basis your level will go down until eventually you are not ranked anymore. This decay however is slow, once every week it will go down by approximately 10 levels. If you have 6 fights before this decay happens the timer will be reset and a new week will start, giving you plenty of time to keep your level from going down. Officials also insisted this decay was put into place to make sure PvP became something which needed people to be constantly active.

6. Tips
Do not worry about your PvP Level to much at the beginning. A friendly battle now and then won’t hurt you and losing is not the end of the world. Make sure you click someone before battling to get an indication on how strong they are. However don’t forget that even someone who is stronger than you might be beaten by you, which means a high gain of level. Losing to someone much stronger gives them little to no gain in level and you hardly any loss, so take the chance!

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