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Planning - Heads up!

Post by Fint on Tue Apr 28, 2009 6:16 pm

Hey Citrine Fans!

Well, the server has been running 19 days straight now.
Many bugs are reported but I'm glad it's nothing big, meening nothing which would need me to change a huge portion of the game for.
All the bugs seem to be rather easy to fix, but right now I hardly have the time to do so.

On 2009-05-08 I'm planning on taking the server down for a while.
I'll have some more time to focus on bug fixing then.
Currently I'm to busy with work, studies and an awsome girl I met.

The sever will be up untill then, and I'm planning on announcing the first test league.
Hopefully many people can participate and I can test the first mechanics.
I expect alot to go wrong but if I don't test now I will hardly have a chance to test any other time.
Medal counts are high and the amount of people strong enough to get to the island is high.

After the down time I'm hoping to have the most stable, up to date version of Citrine ever online.
Also would like to remind people that keeping this server up costs money for me.
Donations are greatly appriciated! All the money will go to keeping the hosting up and running.

(Already recieved 10 euro's, upkeep is 15 euro's a month)

Well thanks for your time, enjoy the game!

And stay tuned for the league announcement, with detailed instructions.

- Fint albino

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