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Test league - Info

Post by Fint on Fri May 01, 2009 4:06 pm

When: 3-5-2009
Time: 12:00 +1 GMT

What will happen:
A test league will start.
All people who want to see/participate can come to the league island.
People will need to have beaten Erika (4th GYM) or you will not beable to visit or participate.
League server will NOT be online!
Talk to "Looker" inisde the entrance building of the island.
If you participate, make sure you got the team which you are going to use with you.
Stay on the island untill the league starts, or you might not be taken into account when planning battles.

12:00 League opens, you can start visiting or sign up to participate
12:29 Sign up closes, from now on you can only enter as visitor.
12:30 First rounds are announced
12:35 First battles will start

As soon as the rounds start all people who signed up and are online will get planned.
Battles will take place in 1 of the 4 arena's
Each battle will be announced 5 minutes prior to starting.
The system will tell at what time it will start, who will battle who AND where.

Anyone who wants to watch a battle can walk to the right arena, and walk south against the wall.
If a battle is currently going on you will automatically start spectating.

The test league only holds the qualifying mechanics, so it will end as soon as the last 8 people are determined.
You cannot win anything, this is purely for testing.

I personally think the system will work oke, but not flawlessly.
Expect things to go wrong, and tell me when they do!

Hope to see you all online!

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