How to beable play the game?

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How to beable play the game?

Post by Fint on Thu Oct 08, 2009 1:23 am

If you are new to BYOND follow the steps, if not just click on the Pokemon Citrine Online icon below.

Step 1: Open this page
Step 2: Create an account by clicking on "Sign Up"
Step 3: Read the mail, follow the download link inside the mail and download BYOND software.
Step 4: After creating the account and installing BYOND, download this file
Step 5: Run the file and have fun playing!

(This file should also detect if you have BYOND installed or not, and if not download the files you need, besides that it's programmed to automatically connect to any online game available)

You can also acces the game on the following page: Here

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