The new plan

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The new plan

Post by Fint on Thu Oct 08, 2009 1:30 am

Finally, I got to the point were I need to start testing some stuff.
Lots of bugs got fixed, probably lots will also remain.

What will we focus on, well first of all I'd like you guys to look at breeding, see if the new functions work well.
Next to that the trading got changed aswell. Let me know if it is working as intended.
Besides that I added a quest which starts in Saffron, it's a quest that lets you catch Snorlax.
Snorlax will, however, only appear at certain times, and can only be caught twice a day.
Atleast I hope so Razz

So have fun testing, when it comes to your saves keep in mind the following:

IMPORTANT: you will start off were you left in this test, however after testing you will also be back at this point. Any progress made will be lost!

Keep this in mind and comunicate this to other people.
This meens you can test freely without having to be afraid you ruin your character.
I decided to test this way because that also meens I can test the league.

I'll how a league when quite a few people are online to see if it works.
The mechanics got a big change and a full league (including legendary reward) should be functional.
The down side is that it will probably not function the way I expect it, but we'll see.

Have fun and make sure people read this forum post!

- Fint

PS: Once I write this post it will take some time for the server to get online since it needs to be set-up.

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