Leagues - How it works

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Leagues - How it works

Post by Fint on Mon Oct 12, 2009 3:37 pm

The ultimate goal for a young Pokemontrainer is winning the Pokemon League.
There are two different kind of Leagues, PvE Leagues and PvP Leagues.
Even though they function the same, requirements needed to be able to join and the rewards you win are different.

- How to works
Once a League is held you will get notified either on login or during playing.
Every League opens up prior to starting, during this time it's possible to sign up.
Once the League has started it's only possible to visit and watch matches, you will be unable to participate.
So make sure you sign up before the League starts if you want to join.

As soon as the League starts matches will be planned.
If there are more than 8 people participating qualifying matches are held first.
These take place in the qualifying arena's situated in the middle of the League Island.
Each match will be announced 5 minutes before they take place, explained is in what arena the battle will take place and at what time.
So soon as it's time to battle the participating people are teleported and the match will begin.
These qualifying matches will continue until 8 people are left, these are the finalists.

From this point on the qualifying arena's won't be used anymore and the final battles will take place in the final arena.
This arena is situated inside the volcano which lies to the west of the main island.
People who are visiting can walk there to watch the finals.
The final matches take place much like the qualifying rounds did, except this time there will be only one match at a time.
Matches will be announced 2 minutes before they take place, and once the match is due participating players will be teleported.
Finally only one person will be left, this person will be the League's Champion!

This person will automatically recieve his/her reward, which reward depends on the League.
However the reward will always make sure this person gets access to an encounter with a Legendary Pokemon!

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