Issues with server - Back online

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Issues with server - Back online

Post by Fint on Fri Sep 26, 2008 12:02 pm

When I woke up today the server seemed to be bugged.
I had a little screen open asking me to give someone premition to acces a savefile outside of the current directory.
I declined, Eddie logged in and said "Hey it's fixed"
Clearly this Safety violation was causing the problems, not alowing people to load their character.
This error was caused by someone who tried to join/create a team.
For this reason I've now put a limit on team names, 16 characters.
The team name is now checked for HTML code, and fixed like normal text.
On login, trying to join a team which file is no longer existing will remove your team from you.

Hopefully this will prevent this error for showing up again.
I can't put the BYOND safety on "Trusted", because lets face it, half of the people are trying to find a way to beat the system.
Thanks to whoever created team: ''
And thanks to whoever created team: 'fontcolor0000fffontfontcolor2c36fapfontfontcolor576df3ofontfontcolor83a3edkfontfontcoloradd8e6efontfontcolor83a3d0mfontfontcolor576db9ofontfontcolor2c36a2nfontfontcolor00008bfontfontcolor2c36a2rfontfontcolor576db9afontfontcolor83a3d0nfontfontcoloradd8e6gfontfontcolor83a3edefontfontcolor576df3rfontfontcolor2c36fasfontfontcolor0000fffont'

Server is back up, enjoy!

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