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Post by Fint on Mon Oct 26, 2009 2:31 pm

Well, seems I found the source of the saving problem.
However, the word seems should be noted here, I'm not sure.
So I'm putting the server back up, and I expect this bug not to come back.
Any new people, please try to logout and in very quickly during battle to see if this bug is still present.

For all people who are invisible/stuck/bugged, PM me.
I'm aware of two people who got effected, these people were reset.
All other people can just continue like normal.

Changed two small things, GYM Pokemon gives just 10% of the exp they would normally give in the wild.
People were using them to lvl up quickly, I'd like to thank myself for asking and finally finding out and I thank NOONE who came to me and told me about this exploit.
Also, all towns have a Bicycle in their stores now, buy one for 10 money and you can use it to quickly go back to your save point.

- Fint

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