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Post by Fint on Fri Sep 26, 2008 3:15 pm

Next to the rules you agree with on registering I'd like to add a couple of extra rules:

- Topic title must represent or give an overview of what's inside the topic
- Short posts like "Yes" or "Lol" are considered spam, don't post such things.
- Posting just to get your post count up is frowned upon
- Stay on topic, if your reply is off-topic it shouldn't have been posted in the first place.
- Don't Double Post. If the thread isn't read or viewed, don't bump the thread by double posting.
- Don't revive threads that are older than a month old.

Why these extra rules:
Well if we all try to keep this forum clean and clear it will just help make this a nicer place.
People who use the search function do not find what they are looking for if we use weird topic titles.
Also, small posts do not contribute to this forums function, being informative.
So keep it in mind, it's not like we are strickt but there are limits.

These rules apply to the whole forum

- Fint

Edit27: Added a Rule Before it happened.-Edie

Sky: Added another rule because of you people reviving threads older than you!

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