Special and Physical abilities (Severe Inbalance)

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Special and Physical abilities (Severe Inbalance)

Post by Loh on Wed Apr 13, 2011 4:56 am

I was discussing with Professor_Oaks about how incredibally weak some physical moves are on particular pokemon.

In this instance my Pidgeotto's Fly was doing very very low damage, widely noticed by some fellow players. Took some digging and talking and I found out why.

Fly and other non-normal moves are ALL considered special attacks in this game, and normal attacks are considered physical. This is highly incorrect, especially with pokemon such as Growlithe, Gyarados, Machoke etc.

Moves like Fire Fang, Bite, Fly, Wind attack, Aerial Ace, Iron Tail are all considered to be Physical attacks that deal <Type> Damage using the attacking pokemon's Attack value and the defending pokemon's defense value. Here is not the case.

Moves like Hyperbeam, Razorwind, Sonic boom etc are normal abilities and should also be using the Special Attack vs Special Defense values but they are not, they use the physical stats.

To define for you what Special and physical attacks are,
Physical Attacks - Make Contact
Special Attacks - Do not make Contact.

Unfortunately this is not the case and many pokemon in this game (ie pidgey, spearow, CHharmander, Bellsprout, Gyarados families (And many more) are very underpowered and I feel that this is no longer worth my time as I have been dragging up pokemon that use poor mechanics.

Sorry to say but this is going to be harsh criticism, this game is broken.

My suggestion is to reform the stats of the abilities used to their appropiate stat families (Physical/Special) in the game. I will do it myself if you wish, I'll change physical to special and vice versa, which would take me about an hour or two to do. I have a good friend called Bulbapedia.com to help me.


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Re: Special and Physical abilities (Severe Inbalance)

Post by Baralai15 on Thu Apr 21, 2011 9:04 am

you think its broken? it hasnt been fixed or touched in about a year of course things like this will happen, and probably wont be fixed.

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