The Return

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The Return

Post by Tenes on Tue Jun 23, 2015 11:04 pm

Hello everyone, as you may remember me if you are older players.  In game I was the Moderator Tenes, as well as a frequent player of the game.  I would like to announce the return of Pokemon Citrine.

Currently I am in possession of the game files and as such will be continuing where Fint left off.  I am digging through the coding now and checking things.  I would also like to try to set a current goal of having Orange Islands completed and released within three months.  With that goal the next area will open up in game.  Once I have finished sorting through and getting the hang of everything with a few tests I will be releasing it for joining once more on the Byond Hub.  Please come join and have fun once again with one of the best creations of a Pokemon Game in Byond history.

The Game is up, and will remain up unless a storm knocks out my power or a major update is potentially in progress. For now though the game is up, and will remain as such.

Check out my brand new Pokemon Trainer OC Website:

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